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hates_apples's Journal

5 May
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Character: Mary Margaret (aka. Snow White)

Fandom: Once Upon a Time

Background: Mary Margaret Blanchard is the lovable, caring Elementary School teacher in Storybrooke. She cares about her students, especially the mayor’s son Henry. She constantly visits the local hospital to ask about the patients and to see if they are improving. During her visits she develops a crush on one of the patients who has amnesia, David. Unfortunately after he wakes up, his wife shows up to claim him. Mary Margaret tries to back off of the relationship when she realizes that David is married.

As time passes in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret and David keep spending time together. She still tries to avoid developing feelings for him, but she still ends up falling in love with him. She relies on her friends, Emma Swan and Ruby, to help her figure out what she should do. In the end she pursues David on the promise that he is going to leave his wife.

Eventually they get caught meeting up by the mayor, Regina Mills; she reveals what is going on to David’s wife. She confronts Mary Margaret at the school in the hallway. Mary Margaret had a lot of negative comments said about her and she struggled with the criticisms thrown at her. After this, she confronted David about the fact that he had not told his wife that he was leaving. Mary Margaret sought out his wife to apologize to her; his wife was so upset that she had decided to leave Storybrooke.

It is soon discovered that David’s wife was murdered before she got outside of Storybrooke. Mary Margaret was naturally the first suspect; they found the knife that had killed her hidden in her apartment. All of the evidence pointed to her, while she was sitting in the jail cell she began to wonder what was going to happen.

When even David didn’t stand beside her she began to lose hope in the truth being told. She found a skeleton key in her cell and used it to get out, she was going to run. Emma found her and stopped her from running, telling her that they would face this together and that she was framed. Mary Margaret decided to trust Emma and returned to the cell just before Regina arrived at the station.

David’s wife was found in the woods the next day. It was then discovered that the DNA test on the heart that was found was faked. Mary Margaret was released from jail cleared of all charges. Everyone who had accused her of the murder suddenly were supporting her again. David tried to apologize for abandoning her in her hour of need, but she didn’t accept his apology.

Snow White was young and her horse was running wild. Out of nowhere this beautiful lady rescued her from her horse, her name was Regina. Snow’s mother had recently died, in order to properly thank Regina for saving Snow White he proposes to Regina.

A few years later, her father dies mysteriously. Snow goes on a walk in the woods after her father’s funeral to mourn, she discovers that the new guard is actually a huntsman who is not there for her protection. She runs away from him and tries to hide, the huntsman tracks down Snow and prepares to kill her. She asks him to wait, just long enough to give him a note to give to the Queen. Closing her eyes she prepares to die, the huntsman has compassion for her and lets her live.

While she is escaping through the woods Snow White comes across a house with a young woman wearing a red cloak. She introduces herself as Margaret, then Mary to the young woman called Red. Snow stays with Red and her Grandmother for a short time, during that time Snow develops a friendship with both women.

After staying with Red and her Grandmother, Snow decided it was time for her to move on. Deciding to fight back against Regina a little bit, Snow becomes a thief. She steals little trinkets that are marked as Regina’s and sells the items off. Eventually she steals an item that is very special to Prince James, who she calls Prince Charming.

With assistance from Charming, Snow recovers the ring from a group of trolls and avoids arrest. She parts company with Charming and continues to steal small items. After some time passes she realizes that she is falling for this prince. Not wanting to deal with the pain of loving someone she can’t have, Snow turns to Rumplestiltskin to help her. He gives her a potion that will make her forget she ever loved anyone.

Before she drinks the potion, Snow finds out that Charming loves her and would run away with her if she loved him back. Taking the potion with her, Snow goes to the castle to find Charming and tell him that she loves him. It was a trap however; Snow is thrown into a jail cell with a dwarf named Grumpy.

After a very bad escape attempt, Snow White saves Grumpy only to get herself recaptured. Charming’s father forces Snow to tell him that she does not love him and that he should marry King Midas’s daughter, if she did not do that he would kill his own son. Snow agrees and leaves the castle heartbroken; Grumpy offered the home he shared with six other dwarves to stay in until she was ready to move on.

Against both Red’s and the dwarfs’ advice, Snow drinks the potion Rumplestiltskin had given her. The potion caused her personality to change in a bad way. She decided to do whatever it took to kill Regina. She goes to Rumplestiltskin to find a way to kill the evil Queen; he gives her a special bow and arrow to do the job.

Just before she shoots the arrow, Charming finds her and stops her. His love for her causes the spell of the potion to wear off; however, while he was stopping her soldiers from his father find and arrest him. Snow is determined to find him and save him. Gathering all of her friends they stage an attack to rescue Charming from his fathers castle.

Once Snow finds the cell he is in she realizes that he is not in the cell. Instead there is an enchanted mirror there. Snow promises to find him when Regina takes over the mirror to talk to Snow. She tells her to meet her at the same place where they first met. Snow agrees to the meeting, against her friends will.

She meets Regina, who offers her an apple. Regina explains that Snow will be in a death like sleep for all of eternity if she bites the apple, but she has to do it willingly. Snow scoffs at the offer, until Regina tells her what is at stake. If Snow does not eat the apple then she will kill Prince Charming, in order to save her true love Snow White takes a single bite out of the deadly apple.

The next thing Snow sees is Prince Charming standing over her looking overjoyed that she was alive. He had broken the curse that had put her to sleep. She agrees to marry him and they decide to take the kingdom back from his father and her stepmother.

A few years later the kingdom is at peace, Charming and Snow are the rulers and it is their wedding day. Regina arrives during their wedding and threatens the entire world with a curse that will take away all of their happy endings and give her her happy ending.

Snow White is pregnant and close to giving birth when Regina casts the dark curse that will send them all to a world without magic. In a desperate effort to cling to hope a special wardrobe is made that is supposed to protect Snow White and her daughter Emma within her. However, Snow gives birth before she can get inside the wardrobe.

Personality: Mary Margaret is a sweet woman who loves to teach. She cares very deeply for her friends and the people she is close to. She tries to be very diplomatic when an issue arises; however, sometimes diplomacy fails or makes the situation worse.
Snow White has pure intentions, most of the time. At one point in her life she loved and trusted Regina, when she was young. A part of her wants to find a solution to resolve her conflict with Regina while another part wants to kill her. She is absolutely in love with Prince Charming and is willing to do absolutely anything to find him or save him. If needed she will fight to protect herself and those she cares about.

Physical Description: Average height, very fair skin, short black hair, average build, and hazel eyes.

Disclaimer: All of the characters mentioned belong to their respective owners: ABC's Once Upon a Time, Charles Perrault, Brothers Grimm, and Various other folk tales. This journal is for role playing purposes only, I own nothing.